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A Medicaid professional consultant helping an elderly woman to protect her assets and money from the nursing home spend down.
Our Medicaid consultants in the state of DC will help you with your Medicaid application to become eligible for Medicaid support. Applying for Medicaid in DC can not only be tedious but difficult as there are slight variances of the DC Medicaid rules relative to the other states. Therefore, it's important to thoroughly understand your rights when applying for Medicaid in DC. Our Medicaid planners can visit you in the state of DC and will assist you to reduce your nursing home costs before you enter into your retirement home. Call us today to protect your assets from the Medicaid spend down. Call our toll-free main line at 877.21.Medicaid or 877.216-3342.
David Henderson
Senior Planning Resources, LLC
Toll-Free: 877.216.3342 or 877.21.Medicaid
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Medicaid consultant David Henderson serving Sarasota, Florida. Medicaid office in Sarasota, FL.

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